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Diana Couture Church Dresses Fall And Holiday 2022

Diana Couture describes the brand as being very high-end but at an affordable price.
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Diana Couture is the brainchild of Peter Putri who has an unbeatable passion for fashion and set up a fashion network to make his dreams come true. The couture designer line has been an active brand on our website for over seven years now, and is one of our top selling brands. Diana Couture describes the brand as being very high-end but at an affordable price. With this ever-growing success, celebrities all over the world have chosen to wear Diana Couture. Peter's Styling has dictated the trend of fashion among our elite customers, but is priced now to fit almost any-ones budget. We Really hope you enjoy!

About Diana Couture Products

The outstanding premiere of Diana Couture collection really broke ground in the year 2011 in New York at the Couture Fashion Week. It was foretold before the show that the designer brand will portray elements of opulent colors and elegance.

It is worth saying that Diana Couture won the Best designer at the previously mentioned New York Couture Fashion Week in 2015. This award came from her displayed 15 collections of the theme of Garuda couture clothing.

Most Popular Products of Diana Couture

There are many groups and categories of the Diana Couture collection. These include the Queen D, Genesis, Garuda and F/W Ready to Wear 2022. The Genesis collection depicted the story of creation as an idea of natural beauty and elegance.

The favorite of the collections are award-winning Garuda, the Deep Blue, and Genesis, and the Queen D Collections.

We hope you enjoy the styling.