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Dr. Vivian Seamon

Should You Wear A Suit To Church?

Church is supposed to be a place free from judgment - and yet, you can’t help but feel obligated to dress to impress. It’s not about personal vanity either, it’s a matter of showing the Lord your respect and reverence for his home anytime you step into the chapel.This begs the question, should you w...

How To Dress For Church: What To Wear To Church On Sunday To Look And Feel Your Best

They say “Come as you are.” Yet, you can’t help but stress about how to dress for church. What’s the proper church dress code?What will happen if you aren’t wearing the proper attire?Should you go with a hat or no hat?This quick overview of what to wear to church on Sunday will leave you with a...

The History And Significance Of Church Hats

The history and significance of church hats
Church hats are more than just attractive accessories to our best Sunday dresses. With centuries of tradition behind them, they hold a special place in African American culture. Whether you have been wearing them for their aesthetic appeal or have never worn them, it is essential to recognize that c...
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