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Samuel Williams

Steve Harvey Suits : His Color Variety, And How To Do It Right

It's time to say a resounding goodbye to the days when the first and desired colors available to men were navy blue and charcoal grey.Incorporating the fringe shades-pink, purple, black-is much more appropriate than ever before. It's really quick going that way now for men.There is obviously a good ...

The Legendary Steve Harvey Collection

If you ever tuned in to The Steve Harvey Show or Family Feud on your TV, then you most likely know the legendary comedian and artist by that name. More than his shows and the movie acting skills, he has shown outstanding trademark by his suit collections. Amidst online personalities of our generatio...

Helpful Tips To Keep In Mind Before Clicking The “buy” Button

Buying a suit online can seem like a daunting task to some. It may feel a  bit intimidating to purchase article of clothing without first trying  them on. That being said, purchasing a suit from an e-commerce retailer  can spare the wearer of the hassle of shopping through crowded sto...
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